A long stroll through the city’s main shopping streets holds one of the cities most relaxing coffee shops.  I’m not entirely sure if this is a fact or a magic trick. Moving through the busy streets with stalls and religious types preaching their songs any moment of silence would seem even more delicious.

We walk in and the atrium is empty. Brown leather sofas surround bistro tables and chairs.  Local radio plays a mixture of music.  We order our coffees and sit down.  Easing back into the plush sofa and try to put the world to right.

There is no wi-fi and yet that somehow feels appropriate as the atmosphere allows for conversation.  Two small groups trickle in: one discusses philosophy, the other is slightly out of ear-shot.

We leave, not having had the best coffee, but certainly the most relaxing and comfortable time so far.

Overall 52/110
Here’s the breakdown (if you’re interested)

Location:6, Cappuccino:2, Americano:5, Fairtrade:0, Price:9, wi-fi:0, Service:4, atmosphere/ambience:8, music:7, décor:8, eateries:3, misc. (events etc): community work etc
Total score: 52


About iamellis

Professional antagonist, chaplain, pastor and speaker. Not much to say really...
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