The Quadrant

Hi folks and fellow coffee lovers,

Welcome to our second coffee shop review of Wolverhampton’s delightful (and some not so delightful) caffeine fuelled bars, bistros and hang outs. This time, it was the turn of The Quadrant. Anyone who is familiar with Wolverhampton’s great number of ‘trendy’ bars, you’ll know that they change hands quite frequently. Quadrant is no exception to this rule and has seen more owners than the University’s had Vice Chancellors. As one might expect, the quality of the coffee experience in quadrant has varied greatly over the years. For example, it is with great pleasure that I present to you a stunning café latte served to Mr. Ellis B (at Quadrant) a number of years ago:

A thing of wonderment, right? Could this be the perfect latte?

Well, unfortunately our experience wasn’t quite the same. It’s fair to say I was a little sceptical about having coffee in Quadrant as its clientele can be a tad rough around the edges and the venue itself tends to reflects that. As we stepped through the door we were greeted by a rather grimy and run down attempt at a minimalist and trendy bar. However, we were served by a lovely and happy lady behind the bar as we ordered our signature cappuccino and Americano. We took a seat by the window and looked out upon a busy intersection of the city centre; opposite was an abandoned and derelict Rothwells, an old university office and further up the road were numerous shops and banks. We surveyed the interior surroundings and noticed a few attempts at ‘modern art’ which hung lonely on the walls. As the sun shone brightly through the window we were served our drinks. I was quick to do the taste test on my cappuccino to be hit by a sweet and satisfactory shot of caffeine. However, my partner in crime was not so impressed by the make up and appearance of my cappuccino. There was only a few millimetres of froth masking what looked like a regular white coffee; not the standard cappuccino we’re accustomed too (see diagram below) As for Ellis’s americano, it was nothing more than average. The distinct lack of customers in Quadrant that Thursday afternoon said a lot about our experience. Although, I’d like to add, it’s not just about the coffee. I’m a great believer in it’s the people your with, not the place you’re in and our experience paid homage to that. Two friends made the best of a bad coffee and talked about current affairs, our personal lives and random trivia. Although the coffee left a lot to be desired, the company certainly didn’t. Perhaps our Quadrant experience would have been vastly improved had we visited in the evening when the there might have been more atmosphere. Nevertheless, we left with a smile and another box ticked on the great coffee crawl of wolves.

Until next time, over and out.


Total: 48 out of a possible 100

Quadrant breakdown:
Location 6; Cappuccino 4; Americano 5; Fairtrade 5 (Rain Forrest alliance); Price 7; Wi-fi N/A; Service 7; Atmosphere 4; Music N/A; Décor 4; Eateries 6; Total: 48 out of a possible 100

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